Lion Dream Meaning

Seeing a lion in your dreams represents courage, strength, and power. The lion shows strength and courage when faced with adversity. Even when fear may be present in our waking lives. we are capable of more than we think we are and have the ability to overcome any obstacle.

The lion is by far my favorite animal. They are dominant and yet steadfast. They are able to remain calm yet able to move quickly and fiercely.

When you dream of this amazing creature remember that you have the courage, strength, and protection of the lion backing you. The situation you face may seem difficult but your subconscious mind is cheering you on. It is letting you know you got this. You have the courage you need to defeat this situation.

Dream Meanings of Lions:

Lion Attacking You: You may be allowing challenges or obstacles to get the best of you. You may have thought about completing a goal but something is stopping you. It could be your inner belief system or outside influences holding you back. Advice: Take a step back and reevaluate your goals. Really look at why you are trying to accomplish them. Also, consider the challenges that might arise and why. This will help you work through the fears and worries you may have about moving forward.

Someone Else Getting Attacked: You may feel like you are unable to stand up for yourself or others. If you feel drained because your power was taken away and you’re just watching, this means someone may be stealing your self-worth in your waking life. Advice: Start setting boundaries in your waking life to help prevent your person-power from being taken away.

Fighting A Lion: You have been experiencing inner conflict. Your ego and inner self are not aligned. The struggle in waking life could be related to the need to step away from something but you don’t want to. Advice: You might want to consider changing your current path in life. It may be time to make changes that may seem difficult right now but will benefit you in the future. Change is never easy but at times it’s worth it if it will help you grow into who you are meant to be.

Being Chased: You may be running away from your inner strength. This may be related to the fear of taking on extra responsibility. Advice: It’s okay to ask yourself why you are stopping yourself from moving forward. It may be related to your not being confident in who you are. You may need to dig down deep to find the strength and confidence you have to move forward. Spoiler alert – everyone has the strength and confidence to overcome life’s challenges. It’s just a matter of finding the courage to move forward.

Lion Bite: This could be a literal message from your waking life showing that your actions have consequences. Advice: You may, at one point, have abused your power to harm someone else. If you are a manager of some sort you may want to consider how your decisions are affecting others around you. If you use your power to hurt others then negative consequences will occur.

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