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Have you ever come across numerology? What does it suggest and what is your impression of it? The majority of people say that numerology is the science of numbers where numbers can be added, or your name can have an equivalent number that would identify your luck and future. Get all the info you need here.

Numerology is defined by different methods, and it depends upon the culture or tradition of the individual that specifies it. However, there is one thing that you must understand about numerology– if you want to analyze your life or you just wish to find out the next occasion in your life, numerology is among the very best tools you can utilize.

It also provides a whole picture that reveals all your character’s diverse parts and on how they can be combined to form your personality today. With the help of numerology, you will have the ability to bring out your concealed strengths.

The Basics

In numerology, every letter in the alphabet has an equivalent number. In Hebrew, it is called gematria. According to some books about numerology, associating numbers with letters is an old method and numerous historians think that this technique is an excellent method to understand the important things behind one’s name or character.

Based on different resources about numerology, the equivalent variety of letters might vary and it depends upon the custom they follow. Usually, many individuals count the letters in the alphabet, and they add all the digits together to get a number that would represent the letter. A number of individuals also consider numerology is the predecessor of mathematics, which makes it comparable to the study of astronomy, astrology, chemistry, or alchemy.

Nevertheless, how precise is numerology? Why do some people believe in it? Is it beneficial or tells the truth about you? Numerology is rather made complex for some. It is natural for you to have questions in your mind, but once you have comprehended whatever is about it, you will know how it works and how numbers are determined. In the following article, you will get more knowledge about numerology and you’ll know why some depend on its principles.

Background About Numerology

The whole concept of numerology started when Pythagoras, the father of geometry, connect everything to numbers. He even stated that each person has his own specific personality and unique vibration. Pythagoras is also the one who divided the soul of humans into nine types, and these numbers are still used in modern society.

Numerology is concerned with nothing but numbers. It mainly concentrates on the numbers 1 to 9 in which some numbers are reduced. In numerology, zero is not considered a number. It adds nothing to any digits. The number 10 exists as number one’s composite.

The Art of Numerology

The best thing about numerology is that anyone can be a numerologist. The only thing you need is paper, a pen, and some calculations. Numerology, when compared to some divination methods, constantly moves and uses the magnetic energy of the earth. Since the soul is just one of the parts of the universe, the numbers are symbols that would help you translate the world around you.

Each person has several numbers which can work as codes. If these numbers were deciphered, you will learn about destiny, karma, and spiritual, emotional, and personality influences. You will even discover why there are people who get on your nerves and how you can figure it out.

Where Did Numerology Come From?

Numerology has a cloudy past. Some consider it as a metaphysical science while others state that it’s the perception of a mystical and romantic relationship among the lifestyle and figures. Numerology is aligned with the paranormal and astrology.

The Roots

The rules in numerology have connections about the frequencies of every person. Numerologists begin by evaluating figures that are related to the person’s date of birth and name. These frequencies and figures supply perception into the character of a person. In numerology, every single amount has adverse characteristics and constructive characteristics. Numerology supporters think that its concept determines and emphasize their good personalities.

Historical Past of Numerology Revealed

The past of numerology can be traced back to the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Babylon. Numerology was liked by early mathematicians. So, where did numerology come from? There is no exact date when did numerology come into existence, but others have ideas on where it began.

Pythagoras, a well-known mathematician, was credited as the first one to arrange the study. That is why he was called the father of numerology. He believed that the world is constructed within the figures’ energy. Pythagoras is also the creator of various theorems which are used in mathematics today. During the 20th century, a doctor was coined for her contribution to numerology.

There is no definitive proof of the real origin of numerology. Several numerologists today state that the earliest record of numerology practice was in Egypt and Babylonia. There are even some statements that Egyptians use numerology to decode their gods’ names to avoid their enemies by just pronouncing them.

Numerology is still a mystery for most researchers before Pythagoras, the Greek mathematician, and philosopher who believed that everything has numerical values. Even though Pythagoras is widely recognized as the father of numerology, the analysis of each number for symbolic meanings as well as values were practiced for thousands or hundreds of years before Pythagoras claimed the existence of numerical relationships.

So, although Pythagoras is not the mastermind of numerology, his studies became the basis of all people using the science of numbers. While traditions and cultures play a big role, modern numerology serves as the new wave or level of numerology. This science of numbers may not be involved in mathematics, but it still has a huge part in today’s world.

Your Birth (or Destiny) Number

In numerology, your birth date has a corresponding number and each number has its own meaning. The result of the calculation of your birth date is called the birth number. Your name has also a corresponding number and the number is called your destiny number. The calculation is not that difficult. Even kids can calculate it, as it only involves adding and breaking down numbers.

Birth Number

The birth number is said to be the number that reveals natural abilities and powers. It is typically used to indicate career choices. To calculate the birth number, the birth date is used. For instance, if a person was born on the 11th of March 1958, the birth number of a person is 1. So, what is its calculation?

The calculation of the given birth date is as follows:

1 + 1 + 3 + 1 + 9 + 5 + 8 = 28 (The number 3 in this calculation denotes the month of March)

Since 28 is a composite number, it should be broken down to 8 + 2 = 10. Again, 10 is a composite number and it should be broken down to 0 + 1 = 1. The birth number is 1. But, what does the number one means?

Meanings of Numbers 1-9 in Birth Number

This number means that the person is independent and strong-willed. You can be either sensitive and generous or domineering and jealous.

  • Gentle and sympathetic. You are understanding by nature and a good diplomat. You are also creative, but often place love before work.
  • Happy and charming, creative and energetic. You are also working realistically and ambitious to reach your goals.
  • Straight-forward and practical. You will achieve your goals through a good mixture of stubbornness, practicality, caution, and dedication.
  • Temperamental and lively. You need variety and action. Life is like an adventure and you will need stimulation.
  • Reliable, artistic, and caring. You enjoy everything in life. You are protective and maybe too trusting.
  • Intelligent and quiet. You love a sense of order and beauty. You don’t like authority and loneliness.
  • Successful and charming. You can be passionate and dynamic, yet very spiritual.
  • Tolerant and down to earth. Often keeps your feelings hidden and you need to focus on your sensitive nature and strong emotion.

Destiny Number

The destiny number, on the contrary, shows the purpose of your life, the opportunities that are present, and how they can be achieved with the use of your maximum potential. When calculating the destiny number, every letter in your birth name is converted into a number. Then, they are all added together with the birth number until it becomes a single number.

Since letters run in ascending form in the alphabet, you will convert the letters by using numbers 1 to 9 only. After the number 9, you need to go back again to number 1. Here are the corresponding numbers of letters in the alphabet: A, J, S B, K, T C, L, U D, M, V E, N, W, F, O, X G, P, Y H, Q, Z I, R.

To calculate the destiny number, you have to know the corresponding numbers of every letter in your birth name, then add them all. The resulting number can guide or help you make decisions in your career, lovers, parenthood, and the type of holiday you enjoy.

Meanings of Numbers 1-9 in Destiny Number

  • Number 1 – Your skills can make your ideal to run a business. If you are a parent, your kids will always help others. A person with a destiny number 1 may be demanding and you enjoy holiday activities.
  • Number 2 – You will be interested to enter politics because you are prudent in nature. You also love nest-building and want to be surrounded
  • Number 3 – You like traveling and work which involves traveling. For you, life is more fun with your kids and you love praising them for their achievements. The no.3 lover is charming, but a flirt one. You enjoy parties and holidays with your friends.
  • Number 4 – You are organized and methodical. Yet, you love to work in a stimulating and creative environment including an advertising agency, design, or architecture. You’ll be a steadying influence on kids. As a lover, the number four is always faithful. You enjoy sightseeing holidays and love culture.
  • Number 5 – A great communicator. Like to travel, but not fond of routine. That is why your children are always treated to midnight fun and feasts. The number five lover finds it difficult to settle down. He or she enjoys holidays in any place that is unusual.
  • Number 6 – You are caring in nature and fond of working in the health field. As a parent, you are caring and nurturing. You are also ready to listen to your kids’ problems. Number six lover is loving and faithful. You also love holidays with wine and good food.
  • Number 7 – You use your creative interests and skills in decision-making in your job. If you are a parent, you are sensitive, wise, and always guide your kids. The number 7 lover is a sexy partner and irresistible. You also love to have big family outings.
  • Number 8 – You are successful in the world of business. You are also ambitious and have to balance work and home perfectly. The number eight lover is often busy putting time into their relationships. People with destiny number 8 do not love holidays.
  • Number 9 – You are a good person. That is why PR is always perfect for you. As a father or mother, you are loaded with enthusiasm and like to keep his or her kids active and occupied. A lover with a destiny number of 9 is not good at one to one relationship. Always seeks for various holiday locations.

Name (or Expression) Number

The expression number is one of the core numbers. It is even considered as the most essential number in the numerology chart of a person. Based on your birth name’s letters, your expression number can reveal the abilities, talents, as well as shortcomings you hold.

The name of a person represents his/her personal history. Whatever your history is, this will shape your future. Before parents meet their kids, they already have instincts about their kid’s name. This intuition will serve as the guiding force which will pick up the personal vibrations of the child. The name that is given by your parents was actually meant for you.

For you to determine your expression number, you need to write your full name. Then, add the numbers of your name. Since the alphabet is using an ascending form, the numbers used starting from 1 to 9 only. The result will be your expression number. If you have encountered a result like 33, 22, and 11, do not reduce them because they are called Master Numbers.

The Numbers

  • Expression Number 1 – You’re a natural leader, individualistic, independent, courageous, and ambitious. You also have the ability to influence the opinions of others. Since you are number one, it symbolizes that you are a pioneer, a front-runner, a risk-taker, a warrior, a top politician, a general, a self-made millionaire, a businessman, an activist, an inventor, or a religious leader. You can also have the possibility to become self-centered because your personality is powerful and you sometimes refuse a potential weakness or flaw in your plans. You can also alienate others, so you need to control your personality if you like to maintain a good relationship with other people.
  • Expression Number 2 – You are open-minded and friendly with great talent and highly developed intuition. Your abilities are best expressed when you are working with others. Since you tend to stay behind power and throne, you often don’t get the recognition and credit you deserve which can be frustrating. Sensitivity is the key to your characteristics. Yet, this may also make you thrown off balance and vulnerable because of an unkind conflict or word. You always get upset by various circumstances. Harmonious and close relationships are important to your happiness and can make you the best partner.
  • Expression Number 3 – You’re optimistic, expressive, inspiring, and outgoing. Your personality is extraordinary and can powerfully affect other people. You inspire other people effortlessly. You are also a social person. You also have great potential in arts which requires you to provide creative solutions to your problems. The number three is the number of self-expression and creativity, but you have to be careful when showing off your talents. You also need to discipline yourself and learn how to focus to be successful.
  • Expression Number 4 – You’re the foundation of enterprises. Your strategies and approach to problems and life is structured and methodical. Many government officials, accountants, managers, lawyers, and bookkeepers are born with expression number 4. You are attracted to music and arts, but you typically use love as your inspiration. In terms of relationships, you are somewhat moralistic. You are trustworthy and have integrity, but you can be stubborn and rigid with your strong dislikes and likes when overruling common sense. Your obstacle is being imaginative as well as being attracted to more people who are creative with their lives.
  • Expression Number 5 – You love change, are free-spirited, love to seek different kinds of adventure, and are always excited about everything. Freedom is everywhere with the number five and your life revolves around it, which is why you have many talents. You also like to try everything in your life which may lead to a dangerous experience. You can be scattered and unorganized, but you are gifted when it comes to communication. A person who was born with expression number five can be a successful politician, public relations person, salesman, minister, or lawyer. Your enthusiasm is attractive and infectious to others. You fall out and fall in love frequently and you should guard yourself against relationships and shallow feelings. The key to your success is healthy limits and self-discipline.
  • Expression Number 6 – You are caring and loving with the possibility that you will put others before yourself. You are trustworthy and responsible with high regard to honesty and justice. Your level of creativity is high in almost all aspects of life. However, your talents are undeveloped because of servicing others and sacrificing your time. Since your gift is for harmonizing the opposites, you are qualified to integrate and handle contradictions. This makes you a natural healer and counselor.
  • Expression Number 7 – You’re driven by your desires for knowledge and truth. Gifted with a logical and analytical mind and has a huge appetite for answers. You have an interest in exploring mysticism, philosophy, and scientific matters. You also tend to keep your feeling and thoughts hidden. Typically, you require time for yourself. You are sometimes amazed by the depth of knowledge or lack of understanding of others which may cause you to be cynical, distant, and critical about life. Meditation, tuning in to lower or softer vibrations in life can make you peaceful.
  • Expression Number 8 – You have the potential and power to achieve the best things. You are also competitive and whatever your enterprise, you always achieve success. Authority and money are available to you. You are a good leader and an outstanding judge. Your path requires a balance between taking and giving. You may fail to obtain success if you don’t know how to balance your spiritual and material aspects.
  • Expression Number 9 – You are filled with great idealism and compassion. You are also a humanitarian and your intention is to change the world. You also realize that your satisfaction involves activities that directly benefit the public. You are not good in judging one’s character, yet you have a belief that humanity’s goodness is unshakable.
  • Expression Number 11 – You’re a powerful presence, but you are not aware of your inner power. You’re sensitive as well as aware. You also sense that you are not the same as others. For you to be psychologically and emotionally at peace, you should learn how to control the flow of energy. You are dependent in relationships and highly emotional. Your love life has ups and downs. You may also find yourself vulnerable and hesitant.
  • Expression Number 22 – You dream huge and you dream of making history. There’s no limit to what you want to do. You have great abilities in leadership and racial identities don’t matter to you. The expression number 22 characterizes those persons who realize that they need to enter another dimension. However, you are not the type to take risks because you are afraid to get frustrated.
  • Expression Number 33 – The expression number 33 is called the Master Teacher, but you are not just any type of teacher. You come with high expectations and you are demanding. For some people, this expression number is similar to the number six which is caring and loving. However, the expression number 33 can be influenced in a negative or positive way.

Expression numbers show the personality and ability of one person. This may also reveal one’s talents and shortcomings that may enter his/her life. The numbers associated with your name reveals your development while you are working out some issues and making the most of your talents.

Every experience, whether big or small can influence your life. The expression is not a prediction or something that you may use in the future, but it is a way on how to know your personality and ability. With the use of expression numbers, you will understand your personality and nature.

Expression number may just be a piece of advice or something. But, what they don’t know is that this might help them develop their skills and talents in the future. The meanings of these numbers can also be the best way to get rid of your weakness and to balance it with your strength.

If you don’t know how to calculate your expression, try knowing the corresponding numbers of your name. Then, add them. Whatever the outcome is, that is your personality or talent. Some say that expression numbers are just a coincidence. However, according to numerologists, the birth name of a person is not a coincidence, but it is meant for them. So, this means that the calculations and your name have nothing to do with your expression number.

For those who have heard numerology for the first time, you have to bear in mind that it is not a way for you to know your future. No one knows their future. Even numbers can’t predict them. The only thing you need to do is create your destiny and concentrate on what you want to achieve in life. If you will apply the meanings of birth number and expression number to your life, make sure that you will use them wisely. The meanings of those numbers don’t suggest you believe. The decision is still yours. If you think that it has a huge contribution to your life, then consider them. However, if you think that it would just ruin your plan in life, don’t apply it to your daily life and just use it as your guide because it can serve as your guide in anything that you do.

Overall, numerology is an interesting study that you may take into consideration, especially if you are searching for answers and you want to be more prepared for your future career life. Remember, numerology can serve as your guide. If you have knowledge about it, use it to benefit other people. Don’t overuse or abuse your power and knowledge because they might ruin your life in the future and maybe the cause of your failure in the end. So, use numerology with caution and wisely.

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