How to Conquer Fear (Part 1)

Fear is without a doubt among the strongest and most influential emotional responses we have, and it may act as both a protective and destructive force depending upon the situation.

Obviously, fear may help us avoid grievous situations, triggering the fight or flight reaction when we feel threatened. Regrettably, this same reaction may also be triggered when no true threat exists. We merely find ourselves feeling overwhelmed and anxious even once we know logically that no injury will come to us.

For a lot of us, fear may become a serious hindrance in our lives, preventing us from getting a better job, meeting eligible soulmates, seeking medical aid, or even venturing outside our houses in severe cases. Fear is among the basic reasons that individuals hold back from living the life of their dreams.

Even if they intensely wish to produce better conditions, they might struggle with an overwhelming fear of failure, so they refuse to take risks as they might have to endure obnoxious results. In these cases, the peril of failure appears to outweigh the advantages of success, so they hold back and do nothing.

Fear of success may be a mighty hindrance also, making individuals feel stressed and overwhelmed with the added duties that would likely come with greater success. They might fear not being able to handle those responsibilities, or worry that they‘d feel pressured to keep attaining the same level of success in the future. These fears are frequently enough to cause individuals to sabotage their own efforts, even when they sincerely wish to become more successful.

Either way, fear is strong enough to paralyze most of us – whether the things we fear are true or imagined.

Fear – The Greatest Obstacle

Have you ever felt like dread was preventing you from accomplishing your full potential in life? If so, you’re certainly not alone as fear is among the greatest obstacles that a lot of individuals confront when attempting to produce better life conditions.

Below are a few of the most common ways that fear may hold you back: Fear may prevent you from making favorable changes.

Occasionally fear may make even the littlest changes seem exceedingly uncomfortable. For instance, you might be deeply disgruntled with your job, but feel nervous or unsure about finding and applying for a more beneficial one.

Or you might have always dreamed of purchasing your own home but worry that the responsibility would be too much to deal with.

Fear may prevent you from breaking destructive habits.

What Do You Fear

We all know that smoking, poor dietetic choices, excessive alcohol, and a sedentary lifestyle are a recipe for ill health, but we frequently gravitate towards these habits as they help numb our anxious or awful feelings.

If you’ve ever tried to break a bad habit like this, you know how nerve-racking it may be because suddenly you’re filled with anxiety and you don‘t know how to handle it.

Fear may prevent you from taking risks. A lot of us shy away from risk, as we fear negative outcomes. For instance, you might hesitate to invest your cash, as you fear losing it, or avoid beginning a fresh relationship as you were so hurt by the last one.

Most of us fail to recognize that risk may bring excellent rewards. Avoiding risk may help us avoid damaging possibilities but ultimately we miss out on all the excitement and joy that comes from these outcomes.

Fear may prevent you from going after your goals.

Have you ever dreamed of doing something great but were never able to push yourself to accomplish it? Maybe you dreamed of being a stand-up comedian but feared the thought of speaking in public, or you desperately needed to be a best-selling writer but were too afraid to put that pen to paper and release all the passion you have inside of you.

As you can see, fear may prevent you from amplifying your life. Social anxiety is another way that fear may limit your potential. It might prevent you from attending networking affairs so your career or business can‘t grow, or you might avoid taking that much needed holiday to unwind and explore other cultures as you fear flying or being on a large boat.

It‘s crucial to note that all of these fears are most often baseless. They’re simply a perception that things may go wrong – but that doesn‘t mean they will. Instead of attempting to force your way through the fear, you might find it simpler to explore a lot of ways that fear may be effectively released from your brain, emotions, and body.

When you recognize how to release the fear, you merely handle it as you would any minor obstacle and then continue on your way to producing the best life you can.

Most people’s number one fear is dying …so here’s something to consider…

Most people believe if you’re lucky you can live out your life, possibly grow to a solid old age and then pass away.  This is a shortened version of what the world has provided you, which likely leaves you perplexed and flabbergasted at the silliness of this thing we call “life”.

Death, as you may have guessed,  motivates fear and even terror, I’d like to introduce an idea that may eliminate terror. No one should accept the idea that we’re only a collection of bones and tissues, fated to be annihilated in an aging process.

We’ve all come forth from a universal field of creation. We must conclude that life, in terms of our body and all its accomplishments and possessions, without exception begins and ends in dust. However, seizing life’s real essence may radically alter your life for the better.

This shift towards seeing yourself as an infinite spiritual being having a human experience, instead of the reverse – that is, a human having an occasional spiritual experience, is loaded with fear for most individuals.

I urge you to view those fears and face them directly today; the result will be a permanent association with the abundance and receptivity of the universal Source that intends all of creation into impermanent form – the spirit.

Fear of Failure

If you’ve ever held back on a goal or avoided taking action that would lead to a favorable outcome, you might have been fearful that you may fail. Fear of failure may be subtle because our brains can come up with endless excuses and possibilities on why it‘s not a great time to take a risk or how the odds don‘t appear to be in our favor.

It‘s difficult to believe that a lot of individuals may be afraid of success (isn‘t success usually a good thing?) but it‘s far more common than you might believe. Most often it‘s not the success itself that individuals fear, but rather all of the duties and uncertainties that come along with success.

If you worry that you won‘t be able to manage these things, you’ll resist putting yourself in a spot where you’d have to face them.

Fear of Rejection

Fear of rejection is commonly related to low self-regard but might show up in subtle ways. You might attack others when a possible rejection is imminent; sabotage relationships so you may be the one who rejects the other individual rather than them rejecting you, or you might merely withdraw from social interaction to avoid the possibility of becoming rejected at all.

This is another fear that’s connected to self-regard, and it frequently affects everything you do in life. You might prevent making changes to better your life; settle for a dissatisfying job that pays less cash than you’re capable of bringing in, or continuously sabotage your goals. If you don‘t trust you deserve to have better life circumstances you won‘t let yourself produce them.

Unequaled Fears

Many of us have a set of unequaled fears that relate to our own lives, like concerns about family, financial worries, and so on; but there are a lot of universal ones. Fears – or maybe you might call them collective fears – are communicated to us through our surroundings.

These fears frequently relate to spots and events that leave us feeling vulnerable and defenseless, like worldwide ‘pandemics’ (…and ‘vaccines’), ‘terrorist’ attacks, economic and financial crises, etc.

What Is Out There

Not only do we see and discover constant references to these awful scenarios in the media and from the individuals around us… …the energy of collective concerns likewise seeps into the very fabric of our truth (the quantum field) and continues to vibrate around and inside us.

As we’re all connected to the collective consciousness, we may actually absorb this fear energy as we approach our daily lives – even if we don‘t pay attention to the media hype and epidemic hysteria. Put differently, if society’s want was to manipulate and control individuals by keeping them crushed in a low vibratory state of fear …this may bear upon everybody.

Have you ever felt anxious, edgy, tense, or vulnerable for no evident reason? Even when everything in your own life was going all right, you might still have been influenced by these collective concerns and felt uncomfortable as a result… And to make it sorrier, the moment you set out centering on these fearful feelings, the more you start to magnify the collective fear energy without even recognizing it.

It‘s not simple to avoid assimilating these fearful messages, particularly when you appear to be surrounded by endless instances of them daily. But, there are a few things you are able to do to minimize the affect they have on your life.

An obvious opening move is to limit your exposure to news program broadcasts; particularly when they always appear to pertain to frightening events that are on the far side of your control.

Centering on this force-fed fear programming simply makes you feel more vulnerable and adds to the energy of the collective concern. For sure, you are able to remain informed about world events but it’s advisable to look for independent, unbiased news program sources on the net, and then immediately begin shifting your focus to something less dreadful.

Empower yourself by recalling that most of the things you dread will never come to pass. As a matter of fact, when you remember that giving your attention to anything only makes it appear bigger and more daunting, you may surely see the wisdom in being more discerning about the things you consider.

Deliberately centering more on positive matters will help override the damaging input you receive daily too. When you take greater command of your focus and place it decisively on the creation of a joyous and positive truth, you contribute that same energy to the quantum field. This helps downplay some of the fearsome energy being contributed by other people around the world.

It‘s true that there are a lot of atrocious, scary things to worry about – but there are equally as many fantastic, joyous things to ponder. Spend time daily thinking of the individuals you love, glad memories, and the great experiences that might be waiting just around the corner for you. It might not make the scary possibilities disappear totally but it will lighten your mood, and leave you feeling more pleased and less frightened.

Awareness and Fear

When the fear of death is transcended, life becomes a transformed experience as that particular fear underlies all others, few individuals know what it is to live without concern – but beyond fear lies joyfulness, as the meaning and purpose of existence becomes transparent. Fear runs much of the world.

Fear runs much of the world, goading on endless activity. Dread of enemies, of old age or death, of rejection, and a multitude of social fears are the basic motivators in most people’s lives. From the vantage point of this level, the world looks risky, full of traps and threats. Dread is the favored official tool for control by oppressive totalitarian agencies.

The proliferation of fears is as boundless as the human imagination; once a concern is one’s centering, the endless distressful events of the world feed it. Fearful thinking may balloon into paranoia or generate neurotic defensive structures and, as it’s contagious, become a dominant social trend.


In his book ‘Power vs. Force, David Hawkins fine-tunes people’s emotions from levels twenty up to a thousand. Twenty being Shame, which is perilously proximate to death. It‘s destructive to emotional and psychological health and makes us prone to physical sickness.

At the other end of the scale at 700- 1000 is Nirvana. This is the level of the Great Ones like Krishna, Buddha, and Christ. It’s the peak of the evolutionary consciousness in the mortal realm.

All levels (which could be classed as vibration levels) below two hundred are said to be energy-draining, and below integrity. These vary from guilt feelings (30), sorrow (75), concern (100) want (125), and rage (150), up to pridefulness (175).

Individuals feel positive as they reach the pridefulness level. However, pridefulness feels great only in contrast to the lower levels. Pride is defensive and vulnerable as it‘s dependent upon outside conditions, without which it may abruptly revert to a lower level.

At the two-hundredth level of consciousness, power first comes out. Bravery (200) is the zone of exploration, achievement, fortitude, and determination. Individuals at this level put back into the world as much energy as they acquire; at the lower levels, populations as well as people drain energy from society without reciprocating.

Further levels include neutrality (250), willingness (310), acceptance (350), reason (400), and love (500).

This level is qualified by the development of a Love that’s unconditional, unchanging, and permanent. It doesn‘t waver – its source isn‘t dependent on external factors. Loving is a state of being. It’s a nurturing, and supportive way of relating to the world. This is the level of real happiness.

The concept and theories behind these experiments were conducted over a twenty-year period by applying a variety of Kinesiology tests and examinations.

Kinesiology has an almost certain 100% accuracy reading each time. It will always reveal Yes, No, True, and False answers. Collective awareness: These experiments expose that there’s a higher power that connects everything and everybody.

Everything calibrates at particular levels from weak to high including books, food, water, clothes, individuals, creatures, buildings, automobiles, movies, sports, music, and so forth 85% of humans calibrate below the critical level of integrity at 200. The overall average level of human awareness stands at 207.

Human awareness was dangling below the 200 level (190) for many centuries before it abruptly rose up to its current level sometime in the mid-1980s. Therefore Nostradamus’ end-of-the-world predictions might have been avoided (he made his predictions at a time when human awareness was at below the 200 level). For the world to remain at levels below 200 over a prolonged time period would cause great instability that would undoubtedly lead to the destruction of all humanity.

  • The power of the few individuals at the top counterbalances the weakness of the masses.
  • 1 person at level 300 compensates for 90,000 people below level 200
  • 1 person at level 500 compensates for 750,000 mortals below level 200
  • 1 person at level 700 compensates for 70 million people below level 200

Put differently, as a co-creator of the world, once you step out of the low vibratory level of concern and vibrate at the level of bravery (and above), not only will you be transforming your own personal life into an unbelievable experience, you’ll likewise be helping to raise the awareness of mankind, and will become a part in co-creating a less fearful world for everybody.

Ready to be the change you want to see in the world…?

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