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Do you want to get your psychic readings found online? Are you a spiritual-based expert, psychic, medium, or astrologer? Are you wishing to find just how you can get to the top of Google and also other search engines to make sure that you can be discovered by individuals that are in need of readings?

Below is exactly how to optimize your site for individuals in your area who want psychic readings so that your site can be found online!

Search engine optimization (SEO) is how your business site is found by Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engine sites in order to be ranked. The higher your SEO score, the higher your website ranks. As well as the greater your site rates the much more possibilities than you have of being discovered online as the best psychic, medium, life coach, or astrologer in your town.

SEO is essential because you wish to be discovered by your target audience (individuals who desire Tarot card readings). However, there are many elements to a good search engine optimization technique, I will give you my ideal pointers below.

The Basics: Being Found Online

Intuitive Lifestyles Consulting has received over 400K visitors just in the last month with the views continuously rising due to great SEO!

Internet search engines have web crawlers that scan the web collecting data. Your site will be ranked based on what the web crawlers pick up i.e., the important things which contribute to SEO ratings.

Something important to keep in mind is this process takes a hot minute to complete. You shouldn’t expect your site to rank at the top of Google right when you make a post or an update to your site. You have to wait for the web crawlers to make their round to your site first.

Maximizing your site for SEO can take a couple of weeks or perhaps months to kick in, yet it is a worthwhile investment.

All sites go through the web crawler process (unless they’re blacklisted). The greater your SEO, the more they are crawled. Nevertheless, this does not mean that a horrible SEO score now would imply the web crawlers are done. This is a constant process that is completed so it’s best to keep enhancing your SEO. Enhancing your SEO means that your website will be located, crawled, bumped up in the internet search engine, and crawled a lot more.

Below are some general SEO essentials that will help increase your site’s rankings.

Make Sure To Publish Often

The more you publish the higher your SEO will be because web Crawlers love new material. When you post constantly the SEO will pick up on the fact that your site depends on dates. When we look at the reality of the situation, web crawlers prefer new material, which you can use to your advantage.

If you have a competitor with a website from 1998 that is clinging to the top of the Google search you have the opportunity to remove them. The more you release information on a subject the more your business will see an increase in SEO ranking which will lead to more views. 

Longer Articles Are a Must

I know when we were in school or college the essays were killers! So many teachers were preaching each essay had a certain length it had to be. Well, the good news is that is actually helpful knowledge and practice when it comes to articles on the internet. To ensure your articles get found online you should consider composing longer articles or posts.

Online search engines prefer longer articles. The sweet spot is more than 300 to 400 works. It is a good idea to look through your site and extend any articles past the 400-word mark. Also, within those words make certain that you state your area name as well as ‘Tarot card readings, ‘life coach’, ‘astrology’ or ‘psychic’ numerous times. This will greatly enhance the chances of being found online.

Legible Website

Although internet search engines like longer posts, they also take readability into account. An internet site is deemed as more legible if it is well-formatted. Google detects the correct use headings to different text.

Load Speed

Remember you only have a few seconds to catch the visitor’s attention on your site. The time it takes to load the site is very important. If the visitor can’t get the site to load or it takes incredibly long, they will more than likely leave the site.

Visitors that are clicking away from your site before they have had a chance to look through it could create a lower SEO score. If your load speed is a problem, you can surf plugins for your website, which, as soon as installed, will certainly speed up load time.

Broken Links

Broken web links that cause nowhere damage your SEO because they affect the individual experience as well as provide crawlers the impression your website is dated. If you have way too many links that result in erased pages, Google will certainly use that to lower your rating.

Every couple of months, it is excellent practice to review your site by clicking links to make sure they still function correctly. This is especially if you consistently point out other individuals’ blogs and sites in your articles.

Relatable Web Content

The length of time your visitors stay on your site will have a massive influence on your SEO. If they have visited one page, stayed to read it, and then clicked on various other pages out of interest, this is truly great for your SEO rating since it informs search engines that your website is relevant to what your visitors are searching for.

If your visitors have remained on your site to look around, this will also increase your rating because the individual experience is undoubtedly positive.

Fix Your Navigation

It’s very important that your website is easy to follow and navigate. If visitors are clicking through your site anxiously and not spending much time on the actual site, then SEO could be affected. Setting up a clean and well-organized home page is a must.

My many years in marketing have shown that when clients or first time visitors come to a site they want to be able to effortlessly move through the site. You also only have 20 seconds or so to grab their attention. If your site doesn’t have a clear direction and is confusing, they will not stay on the site for very long.

Also, if you have a blog then defiantly consider setting up a home page with categories to your blog posts. Remember if the visitor is confused, they will go through the site franticly clicking which will ultimately lead to a lesser SEO score.


Backlinks are web links on other individuals’ or business sites, which lead to your own. Backlinks signal to online search engines that your site matters. The quality of backlinks is important, ideally, you wouldn’t want to work with a third-party company to enhance your backlinks because they might be using low-grade websites. This could potentially harm your SEO rating (companies have been blacklisted for employing this sort of ‘assistance’).

Similarly, being linked for a tarot card from a prominent tarot card site will give you extra points than being connected by a business that concentrates on shirts. Nonetheless, some prominent mainstream internet sites such as and hold a lot of weight across the board, as well as getting backlinked by them for tarot cards will certainly add significantly to a tarot reader’s SEO rating.

Maximize Mobile

Did you know that your SEO score will be decreased if your website is not maximized for mobile or tablet? Now you do! Being optimized for mobile means that your site instantly converts to a mobile format when you visit it on one. How can you tell if a site isn’t made for mobile? The images will show up cut off and the text will not be lined up correctly.

The viewer will constantly need to zoom in and out in order to look at anything on the website from a mobile phone. If you haven’t maximized your site for mobile, you should probably do that now. You can do these things easily on some website development tools or hire a website developer. It will definitely be worth the investment.

Label or Name Your Pictures

Finally, to maximize your website’s SEO you must label or name your photos. By labeling your photo’s you are letting Google web crawlers know you have image material that matches the term you want to be located for. This allows you to be found easily online for your tarot card, psychic readings, or life coaching.

If you want to be found for a certain expression or name such as Psychic Ashley, then change the filename of your image from ‘image1234’ to ‘Psychic Ashley’ or specifically ‘Psychic Reader Ashley in Orlando’.

For additional search engine factors, try to have your image something which resembles the thing you’re attempting to maximize for. So, if you’re attempting to optimize your website for crystal healing terms, ensure your images are in fact of crystals!

I hope the tips given here will help you to maximize your site on Google! With these tips, you won’t need the luck to increase your Google ranking. You have all the knowledge to do it yourself!

Be sure to check out Intuitive Lifestyles Consulting and Intuitive Life Agency. These two Intuitive businesses will help you expand your services, increase your knowledge, and boost your SEOs.

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