Peace, Grounding, and Communication

Intuitive Reading: Finding this article could be the answer you have requested from the stars. As always take what resonates and leave what does not. Know dear reader,  the sun will always rise even after the darkest night. 

This week’s reading may be a time of much-needed peace, regrounding the soul, and communicating with clarity to those we hold dear.

This week take time out to focus on what it means to be in a peaceful state. Sometimes we get so caught up in the hustle of the everyday grind that we forget to take time out to just be in the moment. What most individuals don’t realize is that peace lives within us and around us. Take time out to be in nature, meditate, or just sit alone and breathe. It’s now time to just sit and take it all in. Finding peace is not as difficult as you may have thought it to be.

Grounding is also another great way to find peace in an unsettled world or situation you may find yourself in. Grounding can be accomplished by taking a walk outside without your shoes on. Allow your feet to touch the grass and the dirt. Yes, it may be a little “dirty” but the calming feeling is unlike any other. Another way to reground is to walk around trees. Take a moment and just feel into nature. Breathe in the air and think of your feet as roots going deep down into the center of the earth.

Lastly, after taking time out to find peace at the moment and reground, think about situations in your life you may be able to enhance with love and compassion. Are there situations you see a little more clearly now that you have regrounded? Are there situations you can now approach with an open mind? Are you able to look past the fear and conflict you may have had to now communicate to the other individual to speak up and share your feelings effectively?

If you need more help in this area, it may be a great time to look into a few crystals that can help clear away any cloudiness you may still be feeling. Blue lace agate, blue kyanite, and chrysocolla are just a few crystals that can help clear the throat chakra.

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