Intuitive Insight – Courage 

Today’s a day full of new insights and inspirations. Although it may not seem like it, it truly is. We can’t always see what is working behind the scenes, but we have to trust that everything is working out in our favor. We need to be diligent and take each day slowly by giving ourselves a break and taking one day at a time. In doing so you will be provided with an understanding that courage comes in many forms.
On this day, courage is looking within. Courage is taking the time to truly see that life can shift and change but we have the inner wisdom to stand strong and know we are being cared for. We also need to view ourselves in that same light. You must have the courage to be able to look in a mirror and tell yourself that you are doing everything you can in this moment. We often times put ourselves down because we feel like we don’t measure up by not knowing enough, not being the best dressed, not being athletic enough, not eating healthy enough, and so on. You need to move past this thinking and see that you are enough. You have everything you need in this moment to be the best version of yourself. Your inner wisdom is guiding you to breathe today and take it slow. With that said, time may seem to be moving slower than “normal” but understand this time is being used and crafted to help remove all the obstacles in your way for a new beginning. You may sense the obstacles or be experiencing them each day. So, you have an idea of what is happening and may feel like nothing is working smoothly, nothing is going in your favor, or everything feels chaotic. This may in fact be what is happening on the surface but not what is happening behind the curtain. You have to give fate a chance to unravel the knots that you may have created.
Yes, I said ‘you’ have created these knots and chaotic events within your life. Inner wisdom and courage play hand in hand when it comes to facing our fears. Some people fear spiders, some people fear speaking in public, and others fear facing themselves and taking responsibility for their life. In this instance, I am asking you to use your inner knowing or intuition to look deep into your heart and tell yourself that you are able to not only push on but move past this feeling of not being enough.

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