Water Dream Meaning

Have you noticed that in movies it only rains when people are in distress? The movie The Notebook, (written by Nicholas Sparks), comes to mind.

(Spoiler Alert!!!) Close to the end of the movie, the two main characters start yelling at each other as they state their love.  They also explain to each other the circumstances that lead up to that moment preventing them from being together. The rain at this moment gives the scene so much emotion. It’s almost as if the environment is crying with them.

For those out there who have no idea what The Notebook is, how about Forest Gump (written by Winston Groom)? There are a few scenes where the soldiers are marching toward war and the rain starts pouring down. The rain gives a little extra glimpse of how awful the environment and surroundings were. 

As you can see directors and movie writers use rain in movies to influence viewers’ emotions. The writers state the reason rain is used most often is that it’s a way of the environment empathizing with the character or characters at the moment.

If watching movies with rain can influence our minds and emotions then what about dreams? Let’s jump in to understand what dreams of water represent.

Water refers to an unconscious emotional mindset. Like emotions, water has both a positive and negative meaning. Understanding if its a positive or negative meaning will depend on the “type” of water seen in the dream. When we think about the liquidity of water and we add our emotions to it, then we start to understand why water may have so many meanings. Water, like emotions, change constantly. Your emotional well-being will depend on how you view water in your dreams.

Meanings of Water

Clearwater: Mostly seen as a positive symbol showing you are in touch with your feelings. Advice: Keep moving forward. You are doing a good job showing your emotions and releasing what doesn’t serve you.

Muddy water: Emotions are confused and unclear in relation to your waking life. Advice: Sit down and meditate. Focus on what is bothering you and why. Why are you confused? Is it a situation or a person? Once you have this understanding then start with little steps on correcting this confusion. Maybe talk to the person to get all the feelings out in the open. If it’s a situation make a list of reasons that are bothering you and write down steps to correct each one.

Ocean: Possible life change in the future. Advice: Change is an ongoing thing. Everyone has to go through it. It just looks like it’s your turn. Allow the change to come forward. Learn for it and move on. Change occurs in our lives when we need to move forward to become a better version of ourselves. In order to level up, we must go through change.

Clear Ocean Water: You will be able to ride out the storm in your waking life. It may also represent luck and great things on the way. Advice: Great things are on the way! Give gratitude for where you are in your life so you can keep the abundance train rolling!

Dirty Ocean Water: This could indicate danger and you should keep an eye on your surroundings in your waking life. Different challenging obstacles may be in your path soon. Advice: Do not be afraid but keep an open eye out to the surroundings around you. This would be a good time to really reflect on your current mindset. Remember the Law of Attraction, what you give out will come back to you. It’s never too late to change the vibration you are sending out. One quick way to do this is to focus on something that makes you happy. Once you have this in your mind, focus on why it makes you happy. Move to the next thing that makes you happy. Keep doing this until you start to feel more positive.

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