Top 10 Common Locations Within Your Dreams

The different areas or locations in dreams each have their own significance. Do you remember exactly where you were in your dream last night?

If so, you might be delighted to know that you can utilize this information from your dream to assist examine your life.

Common Dream Locations & Their Meanings

1. School/ Class Dream Meaning

It is very common for a person who has been in school at one point in his/her life to dream about being in school or a class. Even some individuals who have not been in school for years can still dream of what it was like while in school. A terrifying thought for some, including my husband but, don’t tell him I said that!

If you dream of being back in your school, this can represent lessons or tests in your existing waking life. Additionally, if you are taking a test in your dream, could represent a challenge coming up in your life for which you may not be prepared for. The test or lesson in your dream can likewise signify something that you are required to relearn from your past.

2. Flying In the Air Dream Meaning

Flying in your dream represents how much control you feel you have in your life. It also symbolizes your capability or level of self-confidence in accomplishing your objectives and dreams. It may also be good to note how you are flying in your dream. Are you flying inadequately or flying fairly well? Do you feel in control or out of control?

3. Car, Bus, or Other Transportation Dream Meaning

Remaining in a car, aircraft, boat, or train typically represents the direction you feel that your life is taking. Are you the motorist or are you the passenger? Vehicles typically represent power within to make a change in your life. It can be a visualization of getting ahead to your destination. This can also reflect just how much control you believe you have more than what is in store for you.

If there are obstacles in your dream, this can represent obstacles you might be facing in making changes in your existing waking life.

4. Roadway Dream Meaning

Roads in dreams signify your life course your life is presently on. Is the roadway split, narrow, or winding? Also, remember to note the roadway’s surface.

5. Cavern or Cave Dream Meaning

To dream of hiding things in a cave or cavern means there may be a secret or scandal taking place in your waking life.

6. Trapped Dream Meaning

Finding yourself trapped within a place or situation may indicate your failure to make a decision in your waking life. This could be causing you to feel restricted or trapped.

7. House Dream Meaning

Seeing a house in a dream frequently reflects the dreamer’s mind. The various spaces or areas in your house can represent the different elements of his/her awareness. For example, if you dream of being in the basement, this can represent specific things you find yourself neglecting. Dreaming that you are in the bedroom, on the other hand, indicates your intimate feelings.

Being inside a familiar room in a home can hold a particular meaning for you such as memory, feeling, or how you see a certain significant time in your life.

8. Stairs Dream Meaning

If you imagine walking up a flight of stairs, this can indicate something disappointing you or the feeling of being tied down in your waking life. On the other hand, imagining walking downstairs implies looking forward to something good that is to take place for you.

9. Fridge Dream Meaning

Standing in front of an opened refrigerator in your dream can imply you’re searching for something. (Not food such as ice cream or chocolate (guilty) to please your immediate cravings for something more fulfilling in the long run). You could be taking a look around for a solution to your problem or looking for some inspiration or other things even love.

The contents of the fridge also show specific things in your life. What sort of food do you see inside the fridge? (My fridge would contain chicken, salad, and a big chocolate cake. Don’t judge me…. )What is the condition of these foods?

10. Bridge Dream Meaning

If you dream about crossing a bridge, this shows that you have been worrying or holding anxiety about something that is in reality unimportant.

These are just a few dream meanings that occur most often. Take a look at Dream Meanings more dream meanings are added each week on Intuitive Articles! Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!

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