Reading – Leap Of Faith

In order to live our lives to the fullest, we have to do what makes us happy. If you were wondering how well, you must first be willing to move past the fear of failure. There are tons of individuals out there in the world that have great ideas, aspirations, and goals. The issue they have, all too often, is the fear that they can’t do what they imagine in their minds. The very thought of failure scares them back into their comfort zone.

This reading today is telling you to step outside of that comfort zone you find yourself in. I know it’s comfortable and conditioned, but it’s not where you were meant to stay. To grow and become who we truly are we must face the fears that hold us back. We need to change our thinking that challenges are bad and obstacles cause struggle and pain. Yes, obstacles can create discomfort and at times chaos but that means you are facing the resistance that has kept you in one spot.

Let me put it this way, when reading a good book or watching a good movie have you noticed that the main character always faces what seems like an impossible decision or circumstance? These books or movies keep us on the edge of our chairs as we watch in amazement when the character overcomes the obstacle. Did you notice that when the character makes it to the other side they are overcome with a waterfall of emotions? They cry, they laugh, and they even scream with joy. They realized what seemed impossible was not impossible at all. They were able to overcome the odds.

My dear friend, I am telling you this so you understand that you can overcome anything you are faced with. Yes, even when it seems impossible. I mean, I was diagnosed at the age of 27 with a very rare form of breast cancer. I was given a very small percent chance to live. It was to the point they stressed they would “try” to help me survive. Great way to instill confidence right? So I know when you are faced with the impossible you get scared. You get worried and anxious. But you have to pull up your big girl or big boy pants and move forward.

You’ve been through situations that seemed impossible before but you made it this far, right? You just need to give yourself a little more credit, faith, and confidence. Heck, maybe even sprinkle some positive thoughts each day to up your faith in the situation. Again, you’ve made it this far so why not keep going?

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