Lightning Dream Meaning

Lightning is truly a work of art, especially in the night sky. It’s so beautiful and yet deadly at the same time. As children growing up in Ohio we would watch the storms move in. The thunder was so loud that we would say God is bowling again. The lightning would streak across the sky so quickly that if you weren’t looking you would miss. It was acting almost as if it had somewhere more important to be.

With such power and destruction, it makes you wonder what does lightning means in our dreams? In some instances, lightning in a dream delivers a very powerful message. It can indicate powerful energy being released in your life. With the amount of energy and power shown in lightning, it has the ability to create destruction. Please keep in mind that with destruction comes new growth and new opportunities.

So take note of those around you and the situations you are in. A quick change might occur that could shake things up!

Additional Meanings of Lightning in Dreams

Flashes of Lightning: 

This may be a suggestion that there is not a solution to what worries you. Advice: Ride out the storm and prepare yourself for the consequences. Keep an eye on those around you also. Make a note to remove anyone in your life that doesn’t have the best intentions for you.

Lightning Strike Close to You:

This may be a sign that love is going to enter your life (love at first sight). Advice: Pay attention to your surroundings. Love will soon appear!

Lightning Striking Your Partner:

Suggests challenges or issues in the relationship caused by a lack of trust or respect. Advice: Focus on issues that arise between you and your partner. It takes two for arguments to arise therefore, you should be aware of your part in helping to resolve the issues at hand.

Lightning Hitting An Object:

You may have just encountered some unexpected news that surprised you. This could also represent gossip. You may soon find yourself in a situation where someone is speaking ill of you. Advice: Breathe, like everything this will pass. Although the news may have been unsettling you can still move past it. You just have to be willing to keep moving forward.

Lightning Seen In the Distance:

A sign of good luck on its way but still expect obstacles along the way to obtaining a successful in the future. Advice: There may be issues or challenges that arise in life but that is how people level up. If there were no challenges then life wouldn’t be interesting. It would be the same day over and over. Challenges and obstacles give us the ability to learn and grow. When faced with conflict or challenges in the future remember to take a moment to breathe and refocus on the bigger picture. This will help to calm your mind and refocus on what needs to be accomplished.

Being Struck by Lightning:

Not a positive sign. It suggests possible conflicts or arguments with close family, friends, or colleagues. It may also have a positive meaning such as a quick and unexpected change in your life. This change will be favorable to you. Advice: When in an argument, try your best to breathe. Breathing will help you refocus on the moment at hand. Also, hear the other person out and try your best to remove the ego from the equation. When you focus on the ego you focus on being right. If you are able to breathe and refocus then you may be able to remain calm and quickly fix the issue.

Lightning Illuminating Your Body:

Prepare yourself for good news that you may expect will turn out to be not-so-good news. Advice: Everything happens for a reason. I know this is hard to understand sometimes when we are so caught up in the moment. Situations can be difficult as well as having to work our way through them. When you do though you come out stronger and wiser. You will be okay.

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