Intuitive Reading: Take A Deep Breath & Refocus

Now is the time to take a deep breath and refocus. Sometimes we come across things in our lives that cause us to question why things are the way they are. We are so ‘in the moment’ that we can’t see the light or the positive possibilities that could come of what seems like a terrible instance in our lives. The reading for you today is to understand everything has a place and a purpose. You are right where you need to be at this moment and time. Although those may not be the words you want to hear or acknowledge it’s the truth in this instance and every other instance – good or bad. 

You are being asked to breathe and recharge. Take time out from the moment you are in and go for a walk, car ride, take a shower, soak in the bath, or listen to calming music. Do whatever you need to do to relax and put yourself in time out. (Similar to how you would put a child in timeout for throwing paint all over the wall… true story.) Time outs can be constructive by giving you a few moments to just relax and breathe. 

Here are a couple tips on how to take a moment and step back from the every day or the hard situation you may be facing right now:

  • Listen to calming music while going for a walk
  • Watch a funny movie or funny pet videos on TikTok (They always make me smile.)
  • Close your eye (while in a safe space and not driving!) and count to 10 slowly
  • Take a moment and just focus on your breathing
  • Be with loved ones that make you smile
  • Hold your favorite crystal and breathe
  • Ask your angels, spirit guides, or whomever you believe in to help remove the energy within your energy field that doesn’t belong to you. Ask them to help you ease your mind and refocus

The next few days or weeks may present some interesting challenges. You are being encouraged to pick your battles wisely. Focus on all the positive outcomes that could result from the situation you have or will find yourself in. Instead of thinking of the worst-case scenario, which we all find ourselves doing, focus on what the positive outcome could be and make that what WILL happen in your mind. 

You need to have confidence in the situation and in yourself. You need to believe you can take care of whatever is thrown your way and accomplish the task with flying colors. You need to understand that you have been faced with multiple challenges and obstacles up to this point in your life. You made it this far why not keep going?  

Lastly, even if the past few weeks may have presented difficult situations or challenges know that you are an overcomer. You have the ability to grow in every situation you are presented with in this life. If the situation is either difficult or extremely easy, know that you were given that situation for a reason. You were put where you are for a REASON! The reason may not be known at the moment but you have the ability to move past it with ease. You can and will move past it with ease. You just need to tell your mind that’s how it is and how it will be. Keep pushing forward and have patience and self-confidence. This will pass and you will grow from it. 

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