Intuition & Trust

Intuitive Reading: Finding this article could be the answer you have requested from the stars. As always take what resonates and leave what does not. Know dear reader,  the sun will always rise even after the darkest night. 

Intuition can be tricky at times especially when we first start focusing on what our intuition “may” be trying to say to us. Have you ever noticed at certain times in our lives we tend to second guess every decision or every thought that has come across our minds?

Are we doing what we need to be doing? Are we headed on the right path? Are we going to be successful? Did we make the right decision? Are we going to be okay?

These are all questions that we have asked ourselves at one point or another. My question to you is, why? What has happened to you in your life to make you second guess yourself? What has affected you so much that you lack trust, not in others but yourself?

Now is the time to refocus on trust. Trusting in that which is the most important, yourself. I want you to understand that you came into this world to grow and experience life.

You came into this world knowing there would be obstacles that are meant to help, challenge, and inspire you to be something more. However, along with these obstacles are options or choices that have to be made before moving forward. You are always and will always be given an option. The one factor you may have overlooked and cause undue anxiety is that every choice is given to help you in one way or another.

Stop thinking you are making a bad decision. You made the best decision for yourself at that given moment. If what you picked didn’t turn out as expected, that’s fine. Pick again! You need to start trusting in yourself more. Treat yourself as you would your best friend. Trust in who you are and know that you are doing your very best!

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