Flower Dream Meaning

Who doesn’t love getting flowers? The fresh smell and the bright colors have the ability to bring a smile to any face. You would hope anyways… unless you did bad and you’re giving them for hopes that the other individual will forgive you. There is always a slight chance you will not be successful.

I’ve seen all those heartbreak movies where the partner does something “stupid” and brings flowers to make everything better. If you’re in that situation…good luck. I hope everything works out. If you’re not in that situation then let’s move forward with this article!

As I stated earlier, flowers are amazing acts of kindness and love that bring happiness to those receiving them. Speaking from experience, the little one absolutely loves flowers. Whenever she sees them her face lights up! It’s amazing how something so small can make someone so happy.

When we dream about flowers it doesn’t stray far from the waking life in meaning. Flowers can indicate the possibility that you will encounter happiness in your waking life. These dreams can represent an expression of love, happiness, joy, and being content. If you are giving flowers to someone it reflects respect and acceptance. On the flip side, seeing a dead or withering flower can represent bad luck or disappointments on the way. It may also reflect the end of a relationship or period of life.

Additional Flower Dream Meanings

Seeing Flowers In A Field: 

If you see flowers in a field it represents new challenges that will have a positive outcome.

Picking Wildflowers: 

This is a representation that love is in the air. There may be flourishing love within your waking life or a new relationship on the horizon.

Seeing A Hanging Basket of Flowers:

 To see hanging flowers suggests feelings of beauty and wonder. It may show that you have a very positive approach to problems or challenges that life may throw at you. Flowers, in some instances, reflect confidence about yourself and reaching your goals. If you continue to focus on the positive aspects of all things in life more will come to you.

Picking Flowers For An Arrangement: 

When you are creating an arrangement of flowers this may symbolize the possibility of new relationships or love within your waking life.

Seeing A Flower Garden: 

Seeing a garden full of amazing flowers represents the feeling of happiness and a great harvest on the way. This is a very positive omen for farmers or business-minded individuals.

Cutting Flowers:

Cutting flowers may represent a challenge or obstacle in relation to your happiness.

Buying Flowers: 

When you dream of buying flowers for a loved one it means you may soon make an investment in something important for someone close to you.

Receiving Flowers:

 When you receive flowers in a dream it symbolizes achieving success and that emotional situation may arise but you will prevail.

Dying Flowers: 

To dream of flowers withering can symbolize a possible disappointment you are currently experiencing. It may also reflect situations or events that you hold anxiety or worry over. This dream is telling you to remember to keep moving forward. Don’t let procrastination or laziness get the best of you.


Sunflowers represent perfection. The yellow color of the flower shows happiness and contentment with life. When you dream of a sunflower it shows that even in tough situations you are able to persevere.


Wildflowers symbolize the possibility of running into a few challenges or complications within your waking life. It’s a reminder to simplify your life.

Flower Blub: 

To see or plant the flower bulbs is a suggestion to not force things within your life. Things need time to grow and so do you.

Flower Petals:

 Flower petals falling in a dream can represent the end of a relationship. There may be a disconnection between the partners causing issues within the relationship.

Flowers With Thorns:

Thorns are never easy to deal with in your waking life or in dreams. To dream of a flower with thorns may reflect feelings of being unwanted or depressed. Thorns are not always bad… if you get pricked by a thorn it may represent the ability to bring about your own success in life.

What Does The Color Of The Flower Symbolize?

Red Flowers: 

To see red flowers in a dream shows happiness, and passion, with a positive outlook in the near future.

Red Poppies:

 Red poppies in a dream can represent the ability to recover from challenges or issues in your waking life.

Red Tulip: 

This flower can represent passion while a red tulip can represent focusing on yourself. The need to look inward and focus on yourself is needed.

Red Carnations: 

Red carnations reflect the true spiritual self, perfection, and enlightenment.

Red Roses:

Red roses reflect feelings of passion, love, lust, and loving relationships. It may also represent a new love on their way.

Orange Flowers: 

Orange-colored flowers reflect positive thoughts related to joy and happiness.

Orange Lily:

To see an orange lily reflects the possibility of a new love coming quickly into your waking life.

Orange Blossoms: 

Orange blossoms represent experience and wisdom within the business world.

Orange Daisy:

 To see an orange daisy suggests a positive outlook on the future along with spontaneity.

White Flowers:

 Dreaming of a white flower represents peace, joy, and happiness.

White Lily:

 White lily in a dream suggests that you should look at the situation from all sides. Take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

White Rose: 

To see a white rose in a dream reflects the resistance you may have in life. It may represent a new start.

White Tulips:

 White tulips suggest a new beginning in your waking life.

White Carnations:

 To see a white carnation in your dreams suggests a new way of thinking.

Pink Flowers:

 When you dream of a pink flower it suggests a deep level of hope and passion with grace and happiness in waking life.

Dark Pink Flowers:

 To see a dark pink flower in your dream symbolizes forgiveness.

Pink Rose:

 A pink rose represents the need to soften your heart in relation to a situation you are working through.

Pink Carnations:

 These pink flowers symbolize an addition to the family – a new baby girl.

Pink Cherry Blossom: 

To see a pink cherry blossom suggests a possible improvement at work.

Yellow Flowers: 

To see a yellow flower in your dreams represents trust, respect, as well and compassion. The yellow flower represents warmth and friendship.

Yellow Daffodils: 

To see a daffodil represents loyal friends that are around you.


To see a marigold in a dream represents a bright future on the way.

Yellow Rose:

 A yellow rose suggests your goals are within reach.

Yellow Lily:

 A yellow lily represents the possibility of deeply hidden talents.

Green Flowers:

 Green flowers represent money and great fortune. Green flowers suggest a life full of balance and harmony.

Green Leaves Within Flowers:

 To see green leaves within flowers could suggest your resilience in business.

Green Orchid: 

To see a green orchid in your dreams suggests that you need to be resilient when you are faced with challenges in your waking life.

Blue Flowers:

 Hydrangeas, Forget me not, Iris, and pansies all represent a new start with peace. These are peaceful and calming flowers that foretell a good mood and a calm mindset.

Purple Flowers:

 Purple is the color of elegance and wisdom. When we dream of purple flowers it foretells the qualities of creativity, connection, and refinement as well as transition in your waking life.


These flowers represent a hidden secret that will soon be released.

Globe Thistle: 

These flowers signify someone is worrying about you.

Purple Hydrangea: 

To see a purple hydrangea suggests the world is yours for the taking.

Mixed Flowers:

 To see an arrangement of different colored flowers represents innocence and wisdom. Each flower has a certain special meaning. When all of the flowers are together then the original meanings are enhanced.

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