Fire Dream Meaning

Have you ever noticed how the flames of fire seem to dance with the wind around it? It’s amazing how the flames have the ability to change from bright orange colors to dark red and purple colors. It’s almost as if it was magic that allowed the fire to grow and change into a variety of colors.

As we all know, some of us know better than others, fires can be beautiful to watch but can be destructive as well. Fire has the power to give light yet, take everything we hold close at a moment’s notice. In our dreams, fire reflects our inner passion as well as the darker side of who we are. Fire holds the meaning of creativity, enthusiasm, motivation, and desire within our souls.

Dream Meanings of Fire

House on fire: Stress has built up in your life. You may feel overwhelmed and burnt out. Advice: Take time to relax and breathe. You may be taking on a little more than you can handle. It’s okay to not have it all together all the time. Take a moment to leave the dishes dirty or leave the clothes unfolded. It will be okay to take a moment to release the stress you have built up.

Fire by a candle: When we think of candles we light them for numerous reasons. Mostly we light them in remembering loved ones who have passed. The candle in your dream may show up as a representation of the soul or a spiritual sign. It could be a sign of a spiritual transformation in your waking life.

Fire is out of control: Large changes may be on the way to your waking life. It can also represent your inner emotions. You may be holding on to negative emotions that you are not releasing. Advice: Ask yourself why you may be holding on to such strong negative emotions. Once you can pinpoint why the emotions are there, release them. This can be done by yelling in a pillow, screaming in your car (No judgment, I do this!), or just talking through your problems.

Starting the fire: If you started the fire then you need to really consider your emotions. You hold some massive anger issues and negative emotions you are not releasing.

Being on fire: Scary thought in itself, being on fire in your dreams means you fear your waking life. You are afraid and worried of most, if not all, the situations currently surrounding you. You may be too cautious. Advice: Start off by taking small risks. These will help show you that it’s okay to not worry and try new things. Life is all about experiences. You can’t truly enjoy life if you are fearful of everything you come across.

Something on fire: Dreaming of things on fire shows you may have a lot of worries in your life. You are to the point of being overwhelmed and not sure how to leave the situation. Advice: There is ALWAYS a way out. Even if you feel it’s impossible, it’s not. Everything has a “loophole” you just have to be brave enough to find it.

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