Do Crystals Offer Curative Effects?

Crystals and gems have long been prized for their healing capabilities, with people turning to them throughout history in search of relief. Although they should be used as an additional aid rather than a primary source of care, crystals can still offer powerful therapeutic benefits when combined with modern medicine.

For centuries, colorful rocks have been seen as a powerful source of energy and well-being. While medical evidence is yet to be found in support of it, crystal healers and many who have used them are ardent believers who make an incredible difference.

Crystals & Their Meanings

Violet/Purple crystals are like an elixir for the mind, with their power to foster spiritual growth and awaken enthusiasm. Whereas Pink crystals radiate love’s healing warmth, perfect for soothing hurts or communicating adoration.

Unlock your intuition and hone effective communication with clear crystal colors. When the mountains seem insurmountable, rely on green crystals to represent peaceful recovery in decision-making moments.

Indigo crystals reflect the color of inner contemplation and discernment – perfect for when you feel overwhelmed by doubt or negativity. On the other hand, the Red crystal’s vibrant hue helps to boost energy levels and combat feelings of depression or boredom.

When it comes to managing our mental lives, yellow crystals are the color of choice. If you’re feeling stuck or unsure what move to make next in life, seek its calming guidance. Meanwhile, blue crystals bring a sense of serenity and peace when we need an extra helping hand with disquieting emotions like fear or anxiety.

Dive into the power of the black crystal, unlocking potential and opportunity within. Uncover insight to make confident decisions with the orange crystal’s touch of friendliness and impactful guidance in moments when courage is needed most.

How to Choose Your Crystal

With so many beautiful crystals to choose from, there’s no wrong way to make your selection. If something catches your eye on sight or feels comfortable in hand, it could be the perfect choice for you! You can even diversify by selecting several of different colors and properties – perfect if you’re looking ahead toward special occasions. Let intuition guide you as you roll out a crystal collection that reflects what matters most easily acknowledgeable tips.

Taking care of Crystals

Ready to make a crystal your own? Before unleashing your personal energy upon it, be sure to clear the slate of whatever vibrations and energies may have been deposited by others. Cleansing allows you to reclaim the stone from any spiritual interference – giving you full ownership over its magical potential.

The crystal can be polished with a simple salt bath to restore its sparkle. However, use caution as salted water might cause discoloration of the delicate stones. Also, you may want to look up the individual crystals to make sure they can be placed in water. Some crystals will dissolve within water due to them having a soft form (crystals that fall within or below a 5 on the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness). A good rule to go by is typically crystals that end with ‘ite’ should be kept away from water.

To further invigorate your crystals and remove any harmful energy they may have collected along their journey, give them an energizing cleanse using fresh water then place in direct sunlight or treat it to some pleasant music for optimal cleansing.

Shopping for a crystal requires an understanding of its energetic implications – what you’re truly looking to achieve by adding it to your life. Be sure that any stones or gems you acquire possess the energy and intention which resonates with yours, so when their energies are released, they can have their desired effect on bringing balance and harmony to your home. In other words – find a unique piece in tune with yourself!

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