5 Quick Tips To Clear Negative Energy 

Have you ever felt like a magnet for negative energy? If so, know you are not the only one. It is essential to learn techniques on how to dissolve, transmute and remove energies, as they can affect your health and quality of life. Here are some simple tools that you can include in your everyday regimen to cleanse and purify yourself from any negativity.

Removing Negative Energy

1. Smudge Sage

Smudging is an ancient practice or ritual where you burn dried sage or other dried herbs to clean an individual or area. With sage, sandalwood, mugwort, or other dried herbs in hand, merely light a little corner of the herb and blow it out. It is best to have it in a holder of some kind so that the ash stays undamaged. If you or somebody else needs cleaning, then let the smoke flow down your body from the crown of your head to the bottom of your feet.

2. Crystals

You can wear crystals as fashion jewelry or keep one in your pocket, handbag or house. There are a number of kinds of crystals to choose from, each serving a different function and carrying distinct healing properties. However, when choosing the crystal right for you, let your instinct guide you and you’ll naturally gravitate toward the one you need.

3. Cord Cutting

We all unconsciously have these unwanted cords from past relationships and experiences that could be weighing us down and preventing us from moving on. One way to release them is to visualize your cords retracting back into your body, and with each cord, you gradually begin to acquire your power back.

Another tool is to visually cut the cords associated with negativity. If you’re a visual individual, then make the motion of actually cutting the cables with your hands in the shape of scissors. The last way that I find useful is asking Archangel Micheal to pull the cords out slowly and then heal the area with blue light once the cord is completely out.

4. Create a Protective Energy Field

Secure yourself from even being a victim of negative energy to begin with by surrounding yourself with a white light or imaginary bubble each day. It’s rather easy to do this. First, remove all negative energy that you have held on to. You can do this by simply asking the universe to release any energy within your energy field that doesn’t serve you. Once this is completed ask your energy to come back to you. You may feel a slight tingle sensation. Once your energy has returned ask the angels to surround you with white light and keep it over you all day. Another tool is to picture you’re surrounded by mirrors facing outward so you do not absorb anything. You can set the intention that if anything negative is sent to you to have it bounce off the mirrors back to the sender.

5. Integrate Oils

Necessary oils have been used since ancient times to assist the release of negative energy and promote positivity. They have the power to change an existing mood and bring you to a different, positive state of mind. There are hundreds to choose from, so let your spirit guide you regarding which ones are best for you. What I like to do is when I’m working turn on my essential oil diffuser. I put lavender (smells amazing) and orange in there and just let it run.

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